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Models Availabe

Rotec TBI-40-S: (Standard Spigot style mount to suit Jabiru, Rotec and Rotax)
Rotec TBI-40-3: (Aviation flange #3 i.e. smaller aircraft engines like 0-235)
Rotec TBI-40-4: (Larger aircraft engine 0-320 etc)
Rotec TBI-48-4/5: For large engines 0360 and above
Rotec TBI-34: Specifically designed for the smaller engines such as the Jabiru 2200 and also the VW 1800-2100cc converted aircraft engines. HP range is around 40-85hp. For the Rotax 912, which has dual Bing Carbs, one needs to purchase two TBI-34's each a direct replacement for a Bing.

A Rotec TBI is available to suite a wide array of engines and will suite Jabiru, Lycoming, Continental, Rotec, Subaru, Corvair, VW and many others up to and beyond 360HP

Warranty: 12 months parts and labour.

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Phone +61 3 9587 9530
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Lead time an vary from a few days up to 2 weeks depending on the production cycle and demand.

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S series
TBI40-S Jabiru, Rotec, Rotax.. Repaces Bing Carb 64 &94 etc
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