Models Available

A Rotec TBI can be, and has been, used in a motorcycle - or for that matter there is no reason why it can't be used in a car!

There is a TBI to suite your requirements! If you need help please contact support:


TBI-40-S for RotecRadial, Jabiru, and replacement for Bing Type 94 and 64...
TBI-40-3 for O200 upward. Engines that use an Aviation Flange #3
TBI-40-4 for O320 upward.

TBI-48-4/5 for engines O360 to O540+

TBI-34 Specifically designed for the smaller engines such as the Jabiru 2200 and also the VW 1800-2100cc converted aircraft engines. HP range is around 40-85hp. For the Rotax 912, which has dual Bing Carbs, one needs to purchase two TBI-34's each a direct replacement for a Bing. on the arrow to go back to the top menu back2top